Unlock  New Revenue  from an Unlikely Source: Loan Operations

Boost fee income from loan protection products throughout the loan lifecycle. Offer new loans based on loan status and actions members take.

Introducing Income Builder

Offer extended warranty, GAP, debt protection, and other insurance products throughout the life of the loan — and in digital banking.
Loan Protection
Loan protection products are mostly sold at origination. With Income Builder, FIs can offer new products throughout the life of the loan and within digital banking.
New Originations
Common member interactions like payoff quotes and total loss reports are automatically converted to new loan, term extension or refinancing offers.
Convert CPI from a point of friction to a long term auto insurance relationship. Offer term life and other options based on member data in your core system.

Income Builder is available in digital banking.

Transform Loan Operations to Drive New Income

Loan operations is a cost center. Constant moves it to digital banking to help FIs unlock new fee and interest income opportunities.

Amplify digital banking

Constant automates workflows to enable self-service loan management. We then turn member interactions into income opportunities — within home banking.

Optimize common workflows

Just a couple of workflows like skip-a-pay or loan payoff can lead to multiple product offers per member where very little lead generation occurs today.

Easy payment options

For loan protection products, Constant makes it easy to roll the cost of the plan into the existing loan. This helps members easily adopt new products.

See how Income Builder can boost your bottom line.

Let’s talk about how other FIs are generating new fee and interest income in 90 days or less.

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